Missed Fortune Founder Douglas Andrew Offers Survival Tips for the Recession

Missed Fortune founder Douglas Andrew learned the hard way that true liquidity isn’t found in home equity. In the early 1980s, the Missed Fortune author and workshop leader saw his home go into foreclosure. Today, through his Missed Fortune workshops and books, Douglas Andrew strives to help others learn the lessons he learned the hard way. Today, Douglas Andrew shares a few tips to help us survive tough economic times.

Q: In the Missed Fortune videos, you talk about how real estate equity isn’t liquid. Explain what this means?

Douglas Andrew: The key to discovering your “missed fortune” is being able to get to your cash when you need to. I learned that lesson and I’m very grateful for it. Real estate equity doesn’t have safety of principal, and it earns zero rate of return.

Q: Do the “Missed Fortune” principles apply to large corporations?

Douglas Andrew: Absolutely! Large institutions like AIG got in trouble in recent years due to lack of liquidity. They never dreamed that as many subprime mortgages would default as did.

Q: Does the Missed Fortune system help people manage real estate equity so that they can maintain liquidity?

Douglas Andrew: Yes. Thanks to the system I outline in my Missed Fortune workshops, I have lived through many major recessions where my real estate has gone down in value and I haven’t lost one dime. In fact, I had my money when I needed it.

Q: What does Missed Fortune say about recent downturns?

Douglas Andrew: In the 2001-2003 period, if you sold during that down period, you might have suffered a loss of 40-50 percent. Many people did. The tech stock drop brought even greater losses. Some Americans lost as much as 90 percent during the dot-com bust.

Q: Where do you keep your cash?

Douglas Andrew: As I detail in the Missed Fortune workshops and videos, liquidity is the number one reason I keep my cash where I can always get to it, whether it’s in real estate equity or money that I’ve earmarked for my future. You can learn more by visiting our website at www.missedfortune.com

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