Missed Fortune Reviews

Missed Fortune: Knowledge to Share!
“This seminar gave me insights on improving my physical, mental, emotional, and financial health and well being.  It shows how good how good family dynamics can profoundly change the world.  I wish I had attended this seminar by Missed Fortune when my children were younger.  I’m planning on implementing the strategies I learned from this seminar with my grandchildren.” – Cynthia A. (Missed Fortune Seminar Attendee)

Missed Fortune Should Be Required Education!
“This should be required education prior to High School graduation.  I feel I have “Missed Fortunes” for over 35 years after learning this priceless information.  May God bless you for the enlightenment you have given me to further empower myself on my journey of life transformation.” – Stephanie (Missed Fortune Seminar Attendee)

Learned so Much with Missed Fortune
“I had previously read the last three books (Missed Fortune 101, Last Chance Millionaire, and Millionaire by Thirty) and I thought I had a clear understanding of the material.  I still learned so much that never registered in the book through the retreat.” – Sakiyna W. (Missed Fortune Seminar Attendee)

Insights Galore with Missed Fortune
“What I got most out this Clarity Retreat with Missed Fortune is a deeper and greater understanding of communication, leadership, focus, tax favored investments as well as several favorable sections of the tax code that I otherwise had no knowledge of…even as a tax professional.  I further obtained insight into different aspects of investment and tax strategies as well as relationships from the other attendees, which is absolutely invaluable!” – Big Al (Missed Fortune Seminar Attendee)

Empowering Life Lessons – Missed Fortune
“I believe everyone would benefit from this. Full of life empowering lessons in spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of one’s life.  The proof of one’s character and belief is in their children – you are legitimate.” – Frank (Missed Fortune Seminar Attendee)

Missed Fortune has Me Convinced
“One thing at the beginning, you stated that you were opinionated – I believe that once we attain our age and level of life experience – We are no longer opinionated but are convinced of our beliefs and these are a product of our faith and passions.  God Bless you and your family.” – Tony (Missed Fortune Seminar Attendee)